Who we are

Undo & Redo is a multidisciplinary design and strategy studio based in Liverpool. We believe in the power of ideas to transform and redefine brands to help them engage with their audiences in unique ways. Our strategic approach and creative methodology allow us to craft compelling stories that provide innovative solutions to complex problems. We aim to create designs that not only attract your eyes but also make you feel.

Branding:                                              Communication:      
Visual identity                                     Naming
Art direction                                        Design strategy
Branding 360º                                    Positioning
Packaging                                            Verbal Identity
Signage and wayfinding
Custom Typefaces

Data visualization
Web design
What we do 

We work on a wide variety of design projects ranging across branding, packaging, digital design as well as finely crafted bespoke fonts. Our primary goal is to help brands connect with their target audience by creating meaningful concepts that align with their values. We combine creativity, strategy, and commercial logic to deliver tailored experiences that transform businesses and elevate them to the next level, from local to major players.
What we believe in

We think good ideas are the cornerstone of timeless designs. Design that not only stands out but also makes you think and interact, delivering powerful messages that ensure long-lasting relationships with consumers. As experts in branding communication, we carefully craft ideas through neat and clean designs, from concept to completion. Our approach ensures your brand has an ownable and unmistakable voice that sets it apart from the competition.

How we do it

Our process is comprised of three stages, in which our clients are our most valuable asset. We encourage them to join us on the journey by first helping us to delve into their business culture and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Next, we work together to analyze the data we've collected and translate it into a brief that will answer key questions and give shape to the core concept. Finally, in the last stage, we develop and roll out the visual and verbal system that will bring your brand to life.